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Established in 1952, the company started its activities with retailing in textile sector and expanded through wholesale in time. Patterned processing facility, considered as the milestone for development of the company, became operative in 1985.

By using the resources efficiently and investing in the cutting-edge technology of its time, our company rapidly maintained a firm position in the sector. In 1988, two new processing facilities of 1000 sqm in total helped the company keep its track towards to the top.

Now, Burkay Textile was operating in its own facilities and yet investments, which helped the company grow its capacity 75% each year, were never ceased.

In 1966, the company realized its biggest investment and opened the Barakfaki facility equipped with latest technology on 20.000 sqm area. Facility today manufactures large quantities of knit, processed and jacquard fabrics.

Never ceasing investments, Burkay expanded the facility to 30.000 sqm between the years 2007 and 2008. Burkay Textile, considered among the top 5 manufacturers of Turkey thanks to its experience over 30 years in home textile sector, has become one of the world’s trendsetter design centers with its innovative own brand Demor established in 2005.

All above were followed by leaps in petrochemical industry and construction sectors. Burkay & Uğur Chemical Company and Burkay Construction Company were founded. Soon, these investments became recognized in international markets, as they achieved their projected targets straightaway.

In line with the newly emerging strategies in a world where needs are re-shaped day by day, the group consolidated all its companies under the name “Burkay Group” and added Globichem to its portfolio to be a global player in petrochemical sector and Burkay Energy to become a leader energy distributor of Turkey.

We, Burkay Group of Companies, are firmly attached to our objectives with a passion thanks to the power we gain from our experience; our commitment to people, the nature and our job; our team comprised of 500 people and global sales network… Just like we did 36 years ago, when we were setting out on this path.