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Burkay family with 116 years of deep-rooted commercial history,
With the company founded by Ömer Burkay in 1952, it continues its activities under the umbrella of Burkay group, one of the most powerful groups in Turkey.

The Group's industrial production started in 1975 with a large investment in the home textile industry.
Burkay Group stepped into the construction sector in 1994,

It continued its sectoral diversification in the early 2000s with its investments in the petrochemical, energy and food sectors.

With the establishment of Burkay & Uğur Kimya, Burkay Energy and Sagun Gıda, the Group has taken important steps in achieving its goals.

These new investments have become major players in international markets shortly after they were established.

Rapid change in world foreign trade since 2010,
It was the period when the group developed new strategies and started new investments.

The group, which is also closely interested in the energy sector, establishes Burkay Energy A.Ş., which will operate in this field, and continues its researches in this sector, especially for renewable energy investments.

In 2009, by combining all companies operating in the Textile, Chemical, Construction, Food and Energy sectors under the roof of “Burkay Group”,
continues its way in a more efficient and organized way.
As the Burkay Group, we are passionately committed to our goals, with the strength we have gained from the years of experience we have left behind, our commitment to people, nature and our business, our staff of over 500 and our extensive network worldwide. Just like our belief in carrying the beliefs and principles of our family elders on the road 116 years ago from generation to generation.


With the power we have gained from the years of experience we have left behind, our commitment to human, nature and work,
With more than 500 staff and a wide network around the world, we are passionate about our goals.